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Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Before submit the scholarship application, please ensure that you are aware of:

  1. Type of Scholarship that you would like to apply
  2. Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Scholarships Brochure 2022

Online Scholarship Application

Please note that the ACTUAL RESULTS for student with IGCSE qualification that we refer to is the Statement of Results or the final Certificate issued by the following examination board:

  • Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE)
  • AQA
  • Pearson

Therefore, please note that online/statement of results stated as ‘Provisional Results Information’ will NOT be accepted for scholarship application.

We understand that some schools will only be receiving the Statement of Results/Certificate 2-3 months later. Your respective school will contact you to collect the Statement of Results/Certificate when it is ready. That is fine as our deadline policy is ‘2 weeks from the release of the actual results’.

Therefore, you have 2 weeks from the time you receive the Statement of Results/Certificate to submit your scholarship application to Scholarship Unit.


Malaysian Community & Education Foundation (the Foundation) was incorporated on the 17th September 1975 under the companies ACT of 1965, as a company limited by guarantee and without a share capital.

The primary objective of the Foundation is providing financial assistance to Malaysian Individual applicants who have either inadequate or no other means of financial support to pursue their education in recognized institution of higher learning.

The programme is intended to achieve a broad socio-economic objective and to maximize the spreads of beneficiaries. It is not designed to fully support the total cost of the education for any applicant.

Non-Medical/ Non-Dental Programme

  1. Must be a Malaysian Citizen and above 18 years old.
  2. Must be a full-time student.
  3. The course must be recognized by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and approved by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).
  4. Financial assistance will not be considered for more than one member of the same family in the same year.
  5. Financial Assistance will only be considered for those pursuing first diploma/degree only. Postgraduate programme / student with a degree who wish to pursue another degree or second diploma will not be considered.
  6. A maximum sum of RM 20,000.00 per year can be considered for course fees and the maximum financial assistance to be considered shall not exceed RM 80,000.00 per student.

  1. Students from local Private Institutions are eligible to apply from second year onwards.
  2. Students must apply for PTPTN loan first and the proof of approval/rejection/non-eligibility must be made known to the Foundation.

(Application form must be attached with certified true copy supporting documents)

  1. Applicants who met the socio-economic criteria of the Foundation which consist of factors such as social upliftment of the individual/family; his/her family financial position and academic background; and
  2. Applicants who are pursuing either a first degree or diploma only at local institutions/universities recognized by the government, Professional bodies and / or the private sector.

  1. Financial assistance, to pursue course overseas, which are in fact easily available locally, will not be considered;
  2. Applications for financial assistance, to pursue courses overseas, which are in fact easily available locally, will not considered;
  3. Applicants who wish to do a second degree or post or post-graduate programme will not be considered;
  4. No loans will be granted to applicants pursuing any course of study which is not recognized by MOHE and MQA.

  1. The applicant executing the Loan Agreement prepared by the Foundation’s lawyers, following the Awards Executive Committee’s approval.
  2. To provide 3 guarantors who shall be Malaysian citizens and employed in Malaysia including a parent/guardian or a sibling. The other 2 guarantors must be below 50 years old and earning a minimum gross pay of RM 2,500.00 per month.
  3. The cost of documentation including stamping fees must be borne by the applicant.
  4. The tuition fee component of MCEF’s loan to you will not be paid to you or your parent(s). It will be paid by MCEF directly to the academic institution where you are a student, provided that MCEF receives a proper invoice from and certified by the institution and provided that your tuition fee remains due and owing to the institution prior to payment by MCEF. We will not reimburse or refund to you or any other person any monies for any payment made by you or any other person to the institution.

  1. All applications must be made in the prescribed from (available at the Foundation’s office) with the relevant supporting documents for consideration. An Incomplete application from will rejected.
  2. It is compulsory for applicants to attend an interview by the Foundation.
  3. The financial aid would have to be repaid by the applicant 3 months after completion of the said course.
  4. Every Loan Agreement & Guarantee and any other document requiring attestation by a witness shall be attested by a person(s) clearly identified, and who shall be either a Commission of Oath or an advocate and solicitor, the applicant’s parent or sibling is not recognized as a witness.
  5. The application form and supporting documents are non-returnable.

You are encouraged to email your inquiry to